For the past years, citizens and communities all over the European Union have been affected by growing social disparities and severe economic backlash. These are difficult years for Europe but also a time full of new possibilities. Unorthodox creative projects have started to emerge all over the EU. They show the imaginative power we need for finding new answers and fresh approaches to the current challenges in our societies. These exceptional cultural initiatives often provide substantial meaning to people’s lives. We believe they can also help to initiate broader social and economic innovation processes.
In all EU member states pioneering ideas, new social alliances and alternative economic and collaborative working models have been put forward by cultural pioneers. Creative initiatives – especially those from the financially and socially most affected EU regions – have started to experiment with new social designs and alternative economic strategies for addressing burning issues in their local working fields. These new initiatives could benefit from a further cross-pollination and mutual engagement with colleagues from all over the EU. Tandem Europe will support 30 pioneering cultural managers from all 28 EU member states to step up to the next strategic level. Our programme will assist their organisations to build new tactical collaboration channels together with creative minds from abroad.

What is TANDEM?
TANDEM is a vocational exchange programme for cultural organisations and their teams. It accompanies participants in building up long-term working relationships, international collaboration skills, professional management knowledge and strategic networks with partners from Europe and its neighbourhood. The programme was co-created by the European Cultural Foundation (ECF) and MitOst in 2011 and so far has supported more than 200 cultural organisations from over 100 cities inside and outside the EU.

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